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the anvil is reality

♥ My parents finally are home from San Diego. They had a great trip! Mom starts her liquid diet today and then she's having lap band done May 10. It's all very exciting.

♥ My brother interviewed for and was offered an assistant principal job, which he's very excited about. It's in Bandera, just outside San Antonio. (That'd be 5.5 hours from me according to Mapquest.) I'm going over there tomorrow to watch the kids while my sis-in-law tries to clean out some closets and such in anticipation for the realtor coming Thursday.

♥ Saw the dermatologist this morning. Check that off the list. Also got lunch at a sandwich shop I LOVE and never get to go to anymore because it's in Dallas.

♥ My mom agrees that Cathy is in hospice care.

♥ I will be with why_me_why_not and phaballa in 36 days!

♥ And also, it's possible annkiri will be coming to visit in May!

♥ Challenged a speeding ticket. Have to pay a fine but it doesn't go on my record. I consider that a win.

♥ Lassiter + Sue Sylvester = love? My mind is boggled.

♥ I never get worked up about being "alone". Mostly I like it. But I have a project that would be SO MUCH EASIER with a second set of hands and just thinking about the logistics of managing it alone are making me despair. Alas.

♥ Feeling stressed but still positive. Bizarre combo but it seems to be working for me.

♥ I can stay up late tonight. Which means I can have more TEA!

♥ Tell people you love 'em. Otherwise, how will they ever know?
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