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Try. Fail. Try.

Yesterday I got to spend the day with Addison and Drew and it was wonderful. Drew is crawling now and he just *zooms* all over the place. It's amazing.

Hey flist-who-knows-all? I have a question. The other day I was attempting to load itunes and my computer froze (as it does on a regular basis). When it came back on, itunes popped up a message saying it was damaged. When I finally loaded it again, it had dumped 99 percent of my music/shows/audiobooks/playlists/etc. Is there any easy way to recover that?

The other day I made honey pound cake from a recipe lemmealone (I think) posted. It's really YUM. I also made all the fixin's for faux-Chipotle burrito bowls and that's what I'll be eating for lunches this week. Very exciting.

Are any of the Texas girls going to Texas Frightmare in Dallas this weekend? Chad Lindberg will be there -- go support our SPN buddies! I, of course, will be working instead. SIGH.

New SPN tonight. I know nothing about it, which is weird for me. I hate that there are so few spoilers about these last couple episodes. I need to know, ok?!?!

I love that when male actors go on hiatus, they all stop shaving. It's like...no work = no shaving. It's bizarrely adorable. What's the female equivalent, do you think? Letting your roots show? Whatever it is, I expect the word "adorable" probably is not attached to it.

In conclusion: Jared Padalecki's dimples. (Sometimes I just like to remind you.)
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