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morning comes cause in the sun things'll work out just fine

Woke up early this morning and seem to be in a reasonably good mood! Today is my late day at work, so I've been getting tons accomplished with my extra time. Feels GOOD. Today will be my seventh day in a row to work and I'm a bit exhausted with it, frankly. But then I have a couple days off, so that's good. Of course, I have them off for BB claims, so they'll still be stressful. But at least it's stress I can deal with while wearing PJs!

I'm super excited for Big Bang this year. I can't wait until we announce it all so I can talk in specifics! I WANT TO SQUEE ABOUT EVERYTHING. At a later date, I will write a whole post dedicated to the awesomeness that is thehighwaywoman (I'm not joking), but BB could not happen without her and I am so thankful for all her work on this massive project.

I want an icon of Dean Smith that says "I'm the boss". Two different people kept calling me that in BB emails and I find it really, really amusing. Hopefully that joke doesn't come off weird to other people, I just kinda love it. It makes me laugh. I like to laugh, ok? :)

Still haven't figured out what to do for my Mom for Mother's Day. Anyone have a brilliant idea? I can't do food of any kind and I'd prefer to avoid flowers, if I can. I'm going to visit after I get off work Sunday but she's on a liquid diet (her surgery is Monday), so...no food! (I wonder if she could do Jamba Juice, or something like that? HMMM.)

I successfully repaired my damaged itunes! This feels like complete VICTORY. I am so, so happy it all magically works again, I was feeling really panicked about losing everything.

Cathy spoke two full sentences yesterday. Probably it means nothing. Maybe it means something. But either way, it's a huge blessing that she can communicate with her family again, even if only a little.

There's a guy who works in special events at the library. He also plays the piano. Sometimes, right before close, he'll wander upstairs and play a few songs on the piano. (The stairwell sits right over the reference desk below.) The piano is STRICTLY off-limits to patrons, so he's really the only one who plays. It's just so gorgeous and soothing. I always tell him it brings me such joy at the end of a long day. And when he hasn't done it in a week or so, I'll ask him, "Jeff! Where is my joy! I need joy today!" And he'll laugh and then go play me a song.

So, today? Today is all about finding the joy. In everything. DO IT!

I feel I had more to say, but now I can't remember. I'm going to clean off my desk and then go into work. Love you guys! Have an awesome day! FIND YOUR JOY.
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