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turn it all around or to throw it all away

There were only 12 posts on my entire flist between the time I went to bed last night and when I woke up this morning. 0_o What's up with that?!?!

Of course, I don't have much to tell either. Yesterday was just all Big Bang stuff, which was awesome. Can it be June 7 now? How about NOW?

I also made these really fabulous orange-almond cookies. I want to eat ONE MILLION of them. The recipe made this HUGE batch that was too big for even my largest mixing bowl. Kinda bizarre. I made two cookie sheets full and then put the rest of the dough in the freezer. No clue if it'll freeze well, but it seems to mostly be butter and flour, so...I figure it'll just solidify.

This afternoon I am seeing the endocrinologist for the first time. I'm hopeful she'll start me on a treatment plan. Though I'm also pretty sure my thyroid is on a short-term upswing, so it's not the best time for me to be having blood work done. No matter. *waves hands* We'll figure it out.

I only have two episodes left to watch in the third season of Psych. *wibble* I DON'T WANT TO BE FINISHED. I am seriously considering DVRing the reruns. This is a big deal guys, I never re-watch random TV shows, not even SPN. But they just make me so HAPPY. It's like....a big piece of cake for breakfast, every day. And I really, really want Gus and Shawn to be my friends. Can we work on making that happen?

I remain behind on all other TV though. I'm four episodes behind on Bones (*weep*) and I still haven't see this week's Glee.

TV is a leisure activity. *repeats to self*

Onward and upward.
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