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BB Plea

If you have any inclination AT ALL to snag a artist prompt for Big Bang, please head over there now and do so. There only are NINE STORIES LEFT! And while I'm anxious to have this wrapped up, I'm also a bit boggled. I know this is un-PC to say out loud, but if you had asked me to choose the last ten prompts standing...none of these would have been there.

These are good idea, two of them are written by authors I fangirl like crazy, and another has a pairing that (no joke) I have had ten different conversation around how excited people are for the fic. There are varied pairings, there's het and gen and RPS, there is STILL something there for everyone.

So, head right over here and peruse these last few amazing options. Then? MAKE A CLAIM.

And if my flist would help me to spread the word, it'd be really, really great too. Thanks guys!
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