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Hey! Happy Mother's Day! I'm lucky enough to have a great mom and I get to see her this evening after I get off work, and I'm very happy about it. Though I tell her all the time, she'll never really understand how much I love and appreciate her. My mom is my hero.

The other day I went by the thrift store and totally hit the t-shirt jackpot! I got a Cowboys t-shirt because it made me feel squishy inside when I looked at it, a super soft UNT tee and a Dallas Derby Devils t-shirt. So awesome! Total cost? $9. WIN. That's a lot of happiness for nine dollars.

The other day I saw someone using an icon that had a close-up of some guy's hand (not my fandom, obviously) that said "my happy place". And it got me to thinking...if *I* had a "my happy place" icon, what do *you* think it would look like? Hmmm?

I've only got one fic rec today and then some awesome links. Enjoy! Sundays are shiny!

  • Twenty Seven, and You've Been to Heaven by mistyzeo -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 1,875 words) -- This fic is calm and quite while also being sexy and packed full of meaning. It's exactly how I pretend Sam actually did spend his birthday.

  • I have been obsessively listening to these Going the Distance mixes that kashmir1 made. So good! I'm not training for a marathon like deirdre_c, but this music also works very well as "now I must drive to work" motivation too. Go have a listen!

  • Bid on a pair of Jared's Converse for charity. I WANT THESE SHOES.

  • they aren't spoilers, and you're responsible for what you read -- Reality Blurred's policy on spoilers. I agree but YMM(and probably does)V. Just good food for thought.

  • Cupcake tattoos! Looking at them makes me smile!

    Did everyone who cares see that the 2011 LA Con changed dates? It now will be in February. So, if you're going, or thinking about going, be sure to check on that!

    Have a great day guys! Work to make it be that way.
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