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Thank you so much to everyone who has been so supportive in regards to Cathy's death. It quite literally means everything to me. I appreciate you all. There is just nothing that compares to knowing you all are out there. Thank you.

I'm feeling somewhat better. I'm past the initial shock, I guess. Mom says to remember that acceptance is one of the five stages too, so. There we go.

Anywhoo. The rest of this post will be a hodge-podge of miscellaneous mish-mash, so bear with me.

The other day, badesquisse asked for the orange almond cookie recipe I made. Here it is!

Check out this cool site: Out of Print. It features t-shirts with classic book covers on the front. And, when you buy a shirt, a copy of the book also is donated to a community in need. COOL! I kind of want them all!

I completely missed the Survivor finale last night. And that's of Big TV Importance to me! I don't even know what I was thinking. My DVR did catch it though so I can catch up tonight. But STILL. I haven't missed watching a finale live in a very long time.

Secretly, I suspect I was busy watching Psych. *whistles innocently* That ManEater skit during the closing credits of the werewolf episode absolutely had me on the floor laughing. I just kept saying "what am I watching?!?!" Hilarious. Also, is the guy who plays Juliet's brother someone I should know? He looked familiar but I can't place him. He also looked a bit like Heath Ledger on steroids, so maybe that's the brain connection...

Did anyone clip that awesome montage from the SPN finale? You know the one I mean! I'd really like to see that bit again. I was kind of surprised not to see my flist papered with it honestly! It's been four days! *grabby hands*

Jensen got married. :) I'm so happy for him. He seems so pleased. Listen, I know Jared and Jensen both are, in reality, strangers to me. But it still pleases me like a proud pal to see them happy in their real lives. I love it. It makes ME happy too.

The other day, whatjuliewrites was telling me about this adorable experience she had teaching three and four year olds. It went thusly:

We were on the magic carpet and dancing along to some ridiculous kid song ('Put your leg out and shake it, shake a leg! Now wiggle it, sloooowly, wiiigggleeee!) and I found myself thinking what a schmoopy fantastic J2 drabble that would be, with grumpy Jensen coming to pick up his neighbors kid or something and seeing Jared dancing with the kids...or maybe Sam and Dean having to go undercover at a daycare and Dean having to lead the little kids in dance. Whatever. It was just a random thought that brightened my day and I thought, we so need some happy in this fandom given the angst surrounding everything lately.

I kind of love it ok? I think J2+kids or Sam and Dean+kids is EXACTLY what I need today to keep my spirits up. Anyone feel like playing? I'll take recs if you have kid fics you love too. I want 'em! *more gimme hands*

And, this weekend, ofenjen sent me my very own DFTBA t-shirt, which she MADE after I admired one her son had. Isn't that the COOLEST? *is very pleased*

Thank you Jen! Your real thank you note already is sitting in my mailbox, but putting it there last night reminded me of something else I've been meaning to discuss with my flist, namely, uh...thank you notes.

Now, I'm not talking about "thanks for the link" or "had fun at dinner last night." I'm talking about when someone gives you a gift or goes out of their way for you. Thank you note occasions, if you will. I know some of these could have multiple answers, but I wanted to force you to choose one, so....just choose whichever you feel is most correct. I understand that it could be different for different things.

Is it bad manners to thank someone solely via email?

Yes. It's never ok.
No, it's fine to do this!
It's only ok if it's a very close friend.
It's only ok if it's not a close friend.

Is it bad manners to thank someone solely via Twitter?

Yes. It's never ok.
No way, this is the wave of the future! Get with the times!
It's only ok if it's a very close friend.
It's only ok if it's not a close friend.

Is it bad manners to thank someone solely via text message?

Yes. It's never ok.
No way, this is the wave of the future! Get with the times!
It's only ok if it's a very close friend.
It's only ok if it's not a close friend.

Sending written thank you notes is...

Old fashioned. No one does this anymore.
Good manners. You always should send written thank you notes.

This poll isn't going to change MY methods of saying thank you, and it shouldn't change yours either. I was just curious what other people felt was acceptable nowadays.

I'm still in my PJs and have to leave for work in 15 minutes. WHOOPS. *zooms*
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