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It's your Friday and my Monday, think on that a bit people. It's kinda mind-bending!

Yesterday I was thinking about this really pretty actress and had a moment of envy. But then I thought...."she sure didn't eat cheese manicotti for lunch", which I did, and which happens to be one of my all time favorite foods. She didn't come home and make cookies for her work pals. And she most certainly didn't pack cheese and crackers for her snack the next day.

And, you know, I'd love to be gorgeous and rich and thin and have a hot, super stud boyfriend...but maybe not if I had to give up eating all food that ever tasted good, forever.


Last night I laid in bed reading the two US Magazines that the mail carrier finally decided to give to me and was thinking about how happy it makes me to lie in bed reading gossip mags. It's true. It is refreshing and calming and happy-making. *nods*

Some other things making me happy today include:

  • Saw the endo yesterday and walked out with an ACTUAL diagnoses AND a prescription. I've been working towards this day since February so it's quite exciting to finally BE there!

  • Art drafts are pouring in for Big Bang and there is so much pretty stuff. I actually said "holy crap" out loud yesterday when I opened one email. AMAZING.

  • I get rivers_bend sometime next week!

  • annkiri sent me an AWESOME "just because" present in the mail yesterday and I'm very excited about it.

  • Wednesday I watched Pretty Wild while texting mandyremains my every thought about the show. And while I'm sure it annoyed her, I found it a delightful experience because complaining about the ridiculousness of that show is what makes it tolerable in the first place.

  • The vet said the spot on Val's side was nothing to worry about. *relieved sigh*

  • I am all caught up on TV! I have three episodes of Psych left and then I'll be caught up on that too! But otherwise? My entire DVR is empty!

  • Went to the thrift store Wednesday and got five new work cardigans (yes, I am a librarian stereotype), two casual shirts, a platter I need for a specific thing, a new water bottle, and a flannel pillow case (I have an obsession issue with flannel pillow cases) -- for $30 even. AWESOME.

  • I am sitting here at my desk, wide awake, drinking a great cup of tea, having some quality LJ time, and the sun is shining through the window. I feel like my batteries are re-charging right this very second. It's a cool way to start the day.


    *beams* Good stuff y'all!

    ♥ ♥ ♥
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