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Sundays are shiny

This morning I tried to make a smoothie and failed miserably. I used all ingredients I like so I have no idea how it ended up being completely tasteless, but it did. And frankly, it's too much effort to have a gross outcome. If you have an awesome recipe, would you share? I need something easy, without strawberries (I'm allergic), and that I can have for breakfast (meaning it needs to give me energy and hold me until lunch.) Any suggestions?

  • Rollergirl Name Generator. I LOVE THIS. So much fun.

  • Hot Guys Reading Books. OH YES. See also: hotguysread. You're welcome!

  • Sam's Montage of Love from Swan Song. Happy place.

  • Check out this awesome video kuromatic linked me to. I love librarians!!

    And now? Work time.
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