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The other day offtheceiling linked me to Smitten Kitchen at a time when I was STARVING, so I picked some recipes and in the last two days I made:

  • asparagus, goat cheese and lemon pasta: SUPER yummy.
  • black bean confetti salad: Have not tried yet. This and a fresh green salad will be my lunches this week.
  • mediterranean pepper salad: Did not care for this at all. It is all ingredients I love, so I'm not sure why but the end product did not agree with my taste buds. Disappointing.
  • I also made a smoothie that tasted much better than yesterday's venture. I froze half and plan to move it into the fridge when I go to bed. If it's edible for breakfast tomorrow, I will be THRILLED.

    I also was planning to use a bunch of old bread heels I'd saved and frozen to make homemade croutons. But every recipe I find online basically boils down to....butter the bread and put it in the oven until it dries out. In my house, we call that melba toast. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but none of the recipes I'm finding are making me happy, alas.

    I also painted my nails an amazing, shiny hot pink while watching the first two episodes of Rome (as recced to me by my awesome flist!) It's very absorbing and gorgeous, but too bloody for me, I think. Too bad. Mostly it seems to have REALLY put me in the mood for some J2 Roman gladiator/slave fic. I AM JUST SAYING.

    I also did three loads of laundry and finished rhythmsextion's beta. *flail* SO GOOD. And she kindly has not (thus far) unfriended me for how long this process has taken. Of course, I want to start re-reading it immediately, just for me. Because, you know, SO GOOD.

    Five paragraphs in a row start with "I." Whoops. It's been a busy and productive day! Not too relaxing though, perhaps that part can come now. I'm feeling totally lethargic and kinda lonely (I do not know WHAT is up with me lately, I blame hormones) so come and say hi and let's chat! How was your Memorial Day weekend?
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