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All of my family (except me, obviously) went to Bandera this weekend to look for a house for my brother's family to live in. They found one to put a bid on, so I guess that's good.

I've been trying to sort of half-convince my parents to let me move into my brother's Saginaw house, but last night I had the biggest anxiety attack about moving. WTF is wrong with me? Why is change SO HARD? It's dumb. Then again, a steady income would help the anxiety a lot, I think. In August I will have been out of grad school for a year and still have no prospects for a permanent job. It's very depressing.

I was reading through some old entries and ran across this story prompt: Mike is completely conservative and Jensen is the one who corrupts everyone else. I kind of still want to read that. Jensen doesn't get to be a really bad boy often enough!

Artist rough drafts for spn_j2_bigbang are due today, so if by chance some artist is reading this who hasn't turned in their draft yet? Go do that!! *shoos* Do not make my ulcer worse by waiting until the last minute!

On Wednesday, I get both why_me_why_not AND phaballa! I am very excited! I'm hoping they'll eat with me at Local Diner, which I love and never go to. Why do I not eat there alone sometimes? I totally should! Mmmmm, french toast. Also, laughter with fangirls! It is balm for the soul, I tell you!

Gonna try really hard to be positive today, let's see how that goes! *grin*
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