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i found you finally

Am having a super weird day, very mood swingy. I'm depressed, elated, depressed, elated, repeat. I'm also having INTENSE embarrassment squick. I don't know! But every time I look at Twitter, I just end up wanting to hide my face. Or force other people to step away from their computers. MAYBE BOTH.

When I'm with people, I want to be alone. When I'm alone, I want to be with other people.

I am super stressed out and daunted by my To Do list. This morning my boss told me to stop thinking on it and just focus on three tasks at a time, so that is what I'm trying to do. Every time some new worry comes into my mind, I'm like...ok. What other thing do i have to let go of if I want to deal with this new thing? Cause I only get THREE.

It's weirdly working for me.

Must. Get. A. Grip.

I have eaten something I am allergic to and my mouth and lips are numb and my entire face is on FIRE. (Flames...burning...)

Also, I really want to read J2 fic where the boys kiss a lot and then Jared puts his hands all over Jensen.

My manager is sitting next to me, think I can post this without her noticing?
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