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Just wanted to update you guys that I cannot see yet. I saw the surgeon yesterday and he assures me this is normal. I had a very large correction done and it just takes some time to heal. Also, the blahblah cells on my blahblah went blahblah during surgery, so that's slowing healing too. No big deal, just frustrating because I've been pretty much blind since Wednesday, Can't read, can't drive, can't see the computer. And, seriously, one only can lie on the couch and listen to so many King of Queens reruns before one loses one's MIND.

Anywhoo, I see the surgeon again on Monday and he seemed to think I'd be able to drive by then, so we shall see (HAHA).

I haven't read LJ at all since Wednesday and I have no idea what's going on. I hope all is well with you guys. I hate feeling so cut-off from my buddies! Know I'm thinking about you even though I just can't do LJ at the moment. Hopefully, SOON!
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