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You don't miss the scent of an asset when she leaves the room.

Reporting in to say that I CAN SEE!! It's very exciting. My eyes still get tired and achy very quickly, but I have actual vision, so YAY. Guess the doctors knew what they were talking about after all...who knew?

I've finished the first season of Burn Notice and am deep into the second. I've looked very carefully but all my discs seem to be missing the special edition episode that's nothing but 60 minutes of Michael and Fi being naked and having sweaty, hot, violent, spy sex. IT IS ALL I REALLY WANT, THAT'S NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR, RIGHT?!?! Guh.

There's just a ton going on with work and housing and money and family, and I don't even know. *handwaves* But! The only important thing is that today? Today I FINALLY get to hang out with mandyremains and I am very excited. WOOT.

What's up with you?
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