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Life, the Universe and Everything

So, annkiri and I visited THREE Targets this weekend...that's not too many, right? And it's not bad that I sort of want to go visit them all again, RIGHT?!?! Adorable sale clothes, you are so delicious. *makes grabby hands*

We also had dinner with my brother and his family, and Addison and Drew were their normal, adorable selves. And B did very well coping with their hyperness, even if she did dunk the baby in olive oil. *grin*

Also, my landlord showed my house this weekend and re-leased it the first day it was available. Kinda cool. Guess I really have to move now, HAHA. Expect lots of posts about packing and utility woes. *facepalm*

Tomorrow my mom is taking me, April, Addison and Drew to lunch. It'll be the very last time we see them before they move far, far away. *wibble*


What else is going on? Y'all, I feel so invisible on LJ now-a-days. Please please tell me what's up with you and your life and LJ and gossip and Jared and Jensen and uhm, EVERYTHING ELSE.

In conclusion: I AM IN JARED DIMPLE WITHDRAWAL. The end.
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