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Yesterday I spent six hours with my BFF and her kids. I just love hanging out with her. We laugh and talk and she just GETS me in a way no one else does, and she even offered to help me move, which made me cry. There is just nothing in the world like really good friends who you've known forever. Nothing better, nothing like it, nothing that can ever take its place.

It normally takes me about 45 minutes to get home from her house but yesterday it took two and a half as a major accident about five miles in front of me completely shut the highway down, and then I was just STUCK there in the billion degree heat, having to pee. As you do.

While stuck in the car, merepersiflage texted me about the situation happening in my town, which I had missed due to being gone all day. But, since I was just sitting there (forever and ever) anyway, I googled to find that Mayor Jayne Peters shot her 19-year-old daughter and then herself.

I didn't really know her personally, but had met her several times via library board things. It's a really bizarre situation, no one knows details, but she apparently left a note taped to the front door, along with a house key, warning about what was inside and giving directions for taking care of the family's dogs. Just crazy and traumatic and sad. The whole town is in mourning and shock.

I don't even know. It's bad enough when these things happen to faceless people in some far away place, but to have it happen just a mile or so away from where you live, to someone you've looked in the face...it's pretty shattering.


My brother moved yesterday and they apparently ARE going to close on the new house today, which is good. I've been trying to set up utilities (including multiple phone calls to AT&T resulting in a supervisor screaming at me and me writing a SCATHING complaint email), and packing. URGH. I'm trying not to be complain-ey and dramatic (no, really!) but I'm just feeling very stressed right now. But, all I can do is take things one at a time and inch forward, so. That's what I'm doing.

Also, I've been feeling nauseous for days and trying to ignore it, but it's getting worse and I just seriously cannot be sick right now, OK?!?! *exhales*

OK, Back to packing.

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