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don't you hear sincerity in my voice when I talk

I am SO HAPPY that people are posting their blindfold fills! I have to be honest that I'm much too lazy to troll the master post, but if they show up on my flist... Keep 'em coming guys! *bookmarks like crazy*

Monday my parents came over to help me pack for six hours straight. It was productive, but exhausting. Yesterday I went to do some work at the new house and then went to actual work for five hours. Today I ran errands all morning and then took a small break to roll around in awesome, kinky, AWESOME (yes, so good I said it twice) fic and then this afternoon? More packing. *whimper*

Tomorrow I am seeing my endocrinologist and then having my one month LASIK follow up and THEN, phaballa and her guy will be here for a three day visit during which we will see Lady Gaga in concert, eat peanut butter pie, marathon House Hunters, and hopefully eat at the diner. I wonder if I can talk them into going to the movies with me too? HMMM.

Guys, I am so tired. Trying to stay focused, eyes on the prize and all that, but it's hard. One day at a time, etc.

I bought my plane tickets for WinCon! Are YOU going too? Please say yes! I'm getting in Thursday afternoon and leaving Monday. Come sit on a couch and talk about dirty boys with me!!

*blows kisses*
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