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you're the whole package, plus you pay your taxes

The SPN Comic Con panel is happening RIGHT NOW and I am VERY HOPEFUL that someone, somewhere, will update their LJ with news and pictures. I NEED IT. *grabby hands*

Since we last talked, I have seen Lady Gaga in concert, which was great fun. I also had french toast TWICE! Such indulgence. I also watched a lot of House Hunters with phaballa and had a lot of sarcastic conversations with Drew. BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN???? Good times.

I am almost completely packed! THIS IS CRAZY. I guess I'm moving in five days? Wow. 0_0

Uhm, I feel I had more to say. But, my allergies are insane today and I dropped an ironing board on my face earlier (it's complicated, ok?!?!), and my left eye is throbbing. If I end up blinded by a never-before-used ironing board, I will be really upset. Also, I just read an amazing Big Bang, which was so good but left me sobbing at the end. All and all I am, frankly, feeling a bit wrung out.

Pretty sure new pictures of Jared and Jensen are the only things that can make me feel better. *looks pitiful*
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