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I've got to move on

Sometime today I lose my internet and cable. *bites nails* I should be re-connected fairly quickly. The DSL modem already is at the new house, just waiting to be hooked up. Hopefully I can figure that out Saturday morning-ish.

Anyway, I had intended to write a little about the Coppell house and what it means to me. I, of course, procrastinated and now am out of time. But I do want to note a few things...

I lived here from February 2003 to July 2010. In 2003 I was going through a rough divorce. Our house sold all of a sudden and I had two weeks to look for and find a place to live. I came here. Mostly because mandyremains tempted me with pancakes.

The house is not perfect but I have so many amazing memories of it. Every bit of my fandom experience happened here -- Harry Potter, SPN, Popslash, Jared and Jensen, whatever comes next Burn Notice. All my fun (and unfun) travel -- no way to list it all but four WinCons, a dozen pro cons where annkiri pretended not to see my Jared-induced-drool, Las Vegas to see Justin Timberlake with phaballa, and a zillion other amazing trips. Someday I will be employed again and will be landing on all your doorsteps for a visit. I miss the travel!

I love this town. It's a small suburb situated between two huge cities. It's clean and neat and the streets have sidewalks. It's a place of tradition and community. The lady at the dry cleaner calls me by name, as does the woman at the nail salon and the guy at the Goodyear dealer. The library is one of the best I've ever been privileged to use.

I had four jobs while living here and earned my master's degree. I seriously dated two guys (and then gave up on relationships altogether.) I've seen Max and Val grow and change and become the sweet puppies they are today.

I discovered a world outside myself. I discovered a world inside myself. I discovered you. I watched you discover me.

Thank you house, for sheltering me when I had nowhere to go. Thank you for hiding me when I just didn't want to go where I should. Thank you for keeping my dogs and my friends and my family safe. Thank you for giving me a place to cook my meals, to shower, to read Livejournal, to mainline DVDs, thank you for giving me a safe space to sleep.

Thank you house, for being my home.

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning."
--Louis L'Amour
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