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Dog doors are a gift from God. However, slate tile kitchen floors? PURE EVIL.

I have moved! It's been a long few days. The movers were six and a half hours late (that is not a typo) but worked their butts off once they did arrive. Now I'm deep into unpacking. Yesterday I briefly considered leaving everything in boxes and just buying new, but Dad pointed out that I shouldn't have moved it all then. SIGH. Logic. And finances. The enemies of sloth.

Are any of you watching Huge? My brother recommended it and I was all..."Haha, NO, I will NOT be watching a TV show about kids at fat camp! I LIKE my sanity, thanks!" But then I downloaded the first episode and it is AWESOME. It is both hilarious and serious, and the characters are interesting and layered. I'm really enjoying it.

Back to unpacking...I still haven't found the silverware. *weeps softly*
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