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I'll need a volunteer, how about you, with the eyes?

I just finished re-arranging my entire garage! This mostly consisted of making piles because my brother left an enormous amount of stuff out there (which he will claim today or which I will trash at the next bulk pick-up opportunity *handwave*) and because there are garage door opener ISSUES. But I WILL be able to park in there again once I know what to do with Andy's junk. It's just a necessity in this heat, parking outside every day is pure misery.

Speaking of heat! I think I might be dead! It was so hot out there. My t-shirt and hair were soaked liked I'd been in the shower, no joke. So I took a real shower and now am eating tea and toast and about to read a Big Bang. It's a good morning!

Tomorrow I have to go to the eye doctor, which is over near where I used to live. Then, while I'm over there, I'm going to visit my fave thrift store one last time. *whistles innocently* So, tomorrow will be a fun day too.

This is all I know people! My life is just about unpacking, driving, and being too hot! What would you like to talk about that isn't those three things? Tell me and we shall discuss!
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