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I have eaten nothing but crap today and my energy is sooo low, I barely can hold my eyes open. As soon as I post this entry, I'm going to take a shower and go to bed. Pathetic, really.

Today I drove into Irving to see my eye doctor. I'm having continued blurry vision and pain in my right eye. He doesn't have a clue (my words, obviously, not his) and wants me to go ahead and see the surgeon for direct follow-up. He mentioned perhaps having "an adjustment" done in a month or so, which is sending me into a panic. I already regret having this surgery done an insane amount, the thought of having to have it done AGAIN is killer. But that's a premature worry at this point, so I'm just trying to breathe.

Anyway, after that, I went by my favorite thrift shop (since I was in the area!) and picked up this awesome teapot that's shaped like a cloud, with a rainbow handle, and an awesome t-shirt that says something-something about the Master Bait and Tackle Shop, which made me laugh loudly and obnoxiously when I found it, and bright yellow, cashmere arm warmers. Weird but also awesome.

I wanted to post pictures of these things (and of the AMAZING thing beckaandzac sent me in the mail), but my camera is upstairs. And both myself and the awesome things are downstairs. And...no energy. See first paragraph. SIGH. My life is hard.

Maybe tomorrow.

Also happening tomorrow...my parents are coming over to help me move some heavy stuff my brother left in the garage. I'm very grateful. But, there's a whole lunch ~~situation and I'm weirdly stressed about it. So lame. And yet...

Attitude adjustment tomorrow, I promise!
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