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'cause you're amazing, just the way you are

This morning, I went to the dentist (a new dentist, chosen at random) and found I have a cracked tooth, a cavity, and two old fillings that are crumbling. I was amazed at all that dental work To Be Done but the hygienist was all "...what? That isn't very much!"

But regardless, I DO NOT CARE because the dentist was a Hottie McHotterson. I mean SERIOUSLY. He had on navy blue scrub pants and a skin tight grey t-shirt. He had biceps that I didn't know actually existed in everyday life, with a tattoo on the inside of his upper right arm. Sooooo hot. He can work on me ANY DAY. NGH.

Remember the other day when I went to the thrift store and bought awesome things? Here are pictures!

Isn't this SO COOL? $1.50 baby!

I will never wear this outside my house, but it randomly makes me laugh SO HARD.

Awesome sugar canister I got at the same thrift shop, but on a different trip.

Look at this adorable duck watering can! I think April used it to bathe the babies, but it got left behind and I am appropriating it to water my flowers!

And THEN. Something really extraordinary happened. beckaandzac, balefully and sadcypress went to the American Library Association annual conference in DC and ran across Nick Burd signing copies of The Vast Fields of Ordinary and they remembered that I'd liked that book, so they bought a copy and had it signed for me. Isn't that SO INCREDIBLE?? *jumps up and down*

I am so touched and pleased and excited and thankful and I don't even know what all else!!

Amazing friends, I have them!! I love you guys. ♥
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