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♥ I am just the teeniest bit lonely today and was thinking about LJ friendships and people I miss. Everyone seems to have scattered *poof* into the four winds.

♥ Yesterday was Drew's first birthday party! It was a lot of fun. They got him a smash cake, which he appropriately enjoyed. There was blue and green frosting EVERYWHERE. He looked a bit like Shrek by the end, honestly. Poor guy finally managed to wipe some frosting in his eye and that was the end of fun-with-cake-time. It took two grandmothers to wash him and the third to scrub the tub out after.

♥ I really love my sis-in-law's family. They have a complicated configuration (divorced parents who re-married and all are involved in April's life, plus mutual friends who know everyone, plus my family), but it mostly works and they have big hearts and always make me feel welcome and I just adore them all.

♥ I have been mainlining fic lately. This is out of character for me the last few months but I LIKE IT. It's so fun and relaxing and indulgent and amazing. *happy sigh* But seriously, I have read more in the last week than I've read all summer. CRAZY.

♥ Tonight I am going to dinner (Mexican food!) with a couple of my library buddies and am looking forward to getting all the gossip. Plus queso.

♥ Tomorrow Addison is coming to stay with my Mom for a week. YAY!! I can't wait to spend time with her and play with her and make her love me all over again. It will be a glorious adventure!

♥ My house almost is completely unpacked except for a big stack of To Be Dealt With items on my desk and all the knick-knack-ey stuff that needs to be taken upstairs.

♥ I think I just heard thunder!! That's unexpected. Maybe the heat will break for a bit?

♥ ♥
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