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thehighwaywoman just posted the 2010 Big Bang Masterlist and it is epic y'all, EPIC. So exciting!

I've been devouring BB fic (as you know) and every one I've read so far has been amazing. Seriously! annkiri even teased that I was making up for lost time because I keep on continuously sending her links to things she must read immediately. AWESOME. Now, you go read one too. *shoos you*

I had intended to post a thank you to thehighwaywoman for all her hard work on BB and, ok, for keeping me sane. A full-time job this summer, I assure you. But everything I write isn't big enough. So...Zee, thank you. I adore you and you are amazing.

Someone just PMed and asked me if we were going to do BB again next year, and we most definitely will. We'll keep hosting it as long as you guys keep creating for it. Win/win, yes?

ALSO. salt_burn_porn is opening up next week for a new round. WOOO. If you're interested, keep your eyes open for the sign up post. WRITE ME SOME PORN. Uhm. I mean...fandom. Write fandom some porn! *shifty*

AND. Go bid on some stuff at help_pakistan. People keep saying that they're too wrapped up right now to offer fic, and that's cool! But you still should bid. *taps foot* DO IT!

*spins all of you around in circles and showers you with glitter*

Now I would like a venti iced caramel macchiato and about ten margaritas delivered to my doorstep. Why does teleportation not exist??? *stomps*
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