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Have watched the first three episodes of Freaks and Geeks. It's so hilarious! Oh my goodness. I'm really enjoying it. And baby!Sweets is my faaavorite! I have no idea why it took me so long to watch this series, but I'm glad I finally am.

Finished reading Mockingjay. My verdict? The first 3/4 were excellent. I actually bought a copy because the library was being soooo slooooow about getting the new copies processed. Anyone want to read it? If you're in the US, holler and I'll send it to you...but you have to promise to pass it along to someone else when you're done.

Today is the last day to bid over at help_pakistan. PLEASE take a look. It's easy to bid and even $2 makes a difference. Come on guys! I'm offering a year of mail and also homemade dog biscuits (!) so go have a look-see.

salt_burn_porn sign ups within the hour! Get ready for that too! are live! Go sign up! Write some porn! CLOSED! Thanks all, that was so fast!

What am I missing? Tell me more exciting stuff!
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