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Last pimp for this, I promise!!

For help_pakistan, here are my threads:

  • One year of mail! I'll send you twelve things in the mail! Cards, letters, postcards, certainly a care package or two...I promise as many fun things as I can think of. Maybe a mix CD? Lots of Texas references? FUN STUFF!

    Let me harass stalk love you by mail, as well as over the internet!


  • Homemade dog biscuits! These are tasty treats for puppies that I will make with my own two hands. AND!! I've made them before so I know they'll be successful. You, yes YOU, could have the honor of receiving the very first thing I cook in my new gas oven! That'd be exciting, right? No? Ok, hmmm. How about this...your dog gets ignored while you're on the internet. You know it's true. So, re-pay his love and affection by using that computer time to get the pup a treat. DO IT.

    Convinced yet? GO BID!
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