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start as you mean to go forward

So, I've been having a difficult time lately being positive. Life is just hard sometimes, you know? (And from the look of my flist, you do know.)

I'm asking you to spam this post with something happy. Anything goes! Pictures, quotes, memories, a random word, thoughts, fic, ideas, serious things, funny things....ANYTHING. And if someone comments with something that improves your day...tell them!

Let's have an old fashioned comment party and boost each other's moods at the same time. Ready? GO!!

  • cool swimming pools
  • fresh, ripe watermelon
  • soft sheets
  • the way paper smells
  • clean clothes that smell like dryer sheets
  • sunlight streaming through windows
  • "I'm like a rage-filled donut"
  • dimples
  • ice water
  • girls who wear amazing earrings
  • aviator shades
  • cotton t-shirts
  • puppy ears and bellies
  • toothpaste
  • lemon drops
  • parasols
  • reunions
  • unique interests
  • all the colors of the rainbow
  • shining stars
  • pillowcases
  • cars with names
  • wristbands
  • purple nail polish
  • structure
  • frosting
  • the letter W
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