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so come one, come all, and see the show tonight


Today I went and saw "Going the Distance," which is the new Drew Barrymore and Justin Long movie and it is TOTALLY fanfic in disguise. It reminds me SO MUCH of a potential Big Bang! The storyline, the pacing, the twists, the sex, even the title. Writers! Who is on this?

My Mom asked me to go with her, and I agreed even though I really had no desire to see it. Luckily the movie was super cute and enjoyable. However it was VERY sexual. There was a scene where Drew and Justin have phone sex, and my mom kept muttering "WHY did I bring my daughter to this?!" (mandyremains, it totally reminded me of when we saw Knocked Up and those old women in front of us were so scandalized!)

Also, last week I watched Stepbrothers with my parents, and now Going the Distance with my Mom...I sincerely never need to hear the word "vagina" said while in front of my parental units ever again. OK world? Can we do that? THANKS.

During all of this bad rain, the ceiling in Addison's old bedroom started leaking. It isn't super bad, per se, but there is a huge gross spot on the ceiling. Anyway, no one really cared, blah blah, we'll get to it, blah blah...and then today two people scheduled showings to see the house on Saturday. So now my Dad wants to come over at 8 a.m. tomorrow to re-paint the ceiling. ARGH.

Feeling very *shakes fist at world* about the entire situation. SIGH.

I miss doing drunk chats on Friday night. We should do that again. Do people still chat on instant messengers anymore? I bet not, I bet it's all just on Twitter. SIGH AGAIN.

Also, I lied. I don't have tequila. I have vodka and gin. Can I put THOSE in mojito mix?

Holy crap! I just looked outside while I was in the kitchen and there were about 50 crows in my backyard!! It was totally like a scene from The Birds! EEK. I made Val go out and scare them away. SKEERY!
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