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HEY GUYS. The wincon schedule of awesome events has been posted! WOOOO. So much going on, it's very exciting.

Last night, my mom and I toured the Tarrant County Food Bank for our AAUW meeting and it was super interesting. One in five people in Texas is food insecure, meaning when they wake up in the morning, they don't know if they'll be able to eat or not. One in five! It's heartbreaking. The food bank moves 24 million pounds of food a year. Incredible. It was a super impressive trip and really put a lot in my mind to think about.

Also, immediately before leaving to go to the food bank, I read A Heart Like An Artichoke, in which there is a scene where Jared takes produce to the food bank. So. That was on my mind too. HEH.

I have a busy (but fun!) day ahead, so I'm off to get started. I owe approximately 147 people email but I WILL do it all today. It's on my LIST! *crosses heart*

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