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  • You know what sucks? Insomnia. It never gets any less awful.

  • I wanted the SPN DVDs with the Impala key chain, but had absolutely no idea where a Best Buy was around here. So, I thought "AHA! I am brilliant! I will order ONLINE!" So, I did. And got an email that they were backordered. I was in no rush, so no big. WELL. Yesterday they emailed that they won't be getting any more in. Sorry! I'm pretty bummed about that, honestly. Boo-urns.

  • Yesterday I did kind of a cool art project with construction paper. I took all these sheets of something perfect (oh, let's randomly let them symbolize...my LIFE) and then I ripped them into pieces. Then, I glued different pieces together to create a new and totally unique sheet of paper, something that couldn't have existed without destroying the perfect sheets first. I'm kind of really happy with how it turned out. I'm very rarely creative, so it feels pretty awesome.

  • Read a cute book: Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce. It's a humorous story about an abnormally tall kid who convinces TPTB to allow him on-board a space shuttle full of children as their adult chaperone. Predictably, chaos ensues. The book has an AWESOME emphasize on amazing, positive parental figures, and I really love that. (The author has seven children, so...he knows of what he speaks!)

  • This past week I DROWNED myself in BB reading. It has been so enjoyable. And, I find, my enthusiasm for fandom seems to rise and fall in direct relation to my ability to mainline fanfic. INTERESTING.


  • Hey you guys! Come talk to me today. We need to CHAT.
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