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I feel free.

I want to talk a little about last night's Project Runway.

I've looked in all my regular places and don't see a download link yet. But, if I did, I'd be encouraging every person who sees this post to watch at least this one episode, whether you watch the show or not. If you can catch it in re-runs, please do.

This is a week where the LGBT community has been in the news quite a bit. My flist has been talking about several young, gay people who took their lives due to bullying about their sexuality, as well as the It Gets Better project.

Last night something important happened on Project Runway. Even if you don't watch the show, I really hope you'll click the link so we can discuss.

This was the challenge where designers are asked to create their own textile pattern. Mondo created one using a plus sign that symbolized his status as being HIV-Positive. Even more incredibly, he has kept ths secret for ten years, his family didn't know.

Over the course of the challenge, Mondo did come clean about it publicly for the first time. This also was the parental visit episode and I cried big, hot tears when Mondo confessed he almost told his mom the truth then, but he didn't want to ruin her first trip to New York City.

He talked about how he's been ashamed and that he had things he needed to focus on accomplishing in life, that he was better than being a coward and that's why he needed to be honest.

All of the judges and designers handled the news with class, and gave Mondo tons of support. I was impressed by the network handeling it gracefully as well. They even posted a number for HIV assistance at the end.

The whole thing was amazing and I'm still tearing up thinking about it today. Please watch this episode.

  • Mondo and Michael Costello co-hosted a benefit earlier for Colorado AIDS Project and Rainbow Alley during a watching party for last night's episode
    -"For ten years, Mondo withheld his HIV status from his family for fear of rejection and disappointment."
    -"Mondo’s parents and family were in attendance Thursday evening, sustaining their support for a son who has captured the hearts and inspired the lives of a nationwide audience. Having intimate family matters unfold on national television must be daunting. Still, the Guerra family rallied bravely around Mondo, exemplifying the beauty of unconditional love."
    -"Mondo’s 3-consecutive wins have made Project Runway history. No other designer has earned 3 straight victories in a row."

  • Mondo Guerra shares secret on ‘Project Runway': He is HIV positive
    -"He’s held the secret for 10 years of his life. That’s amazing. He’s 32."
    -"This has been so hard to keep a secret from my parents because I feel guilt and I feel shame. I feel like if they knew, I don’t know if they’d know how to deal with it and I’ve just realized that I can’t live that way anymore. I can’t hide anything because I am such a better person than just being a coward."
    -“I’ve been HIV positive for 10 years. And when I saw these pictures of my family it brought back a lot of emotion and so I wanted to pull from the past, but I also wanted to give something back of who I am now and that I’ve been so scared of and hiding from and that’s the story.” Afterward he said he felt a lot better. “I feel free.”

  • This link includes a video clip -- the only one I've been able to find!

    ETA: A-ha! The download link *just* popped up. I haven't watched this yet but assume it's ok: Project Runway Season Eight, Episode Ten
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