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Not one person has anything to say about my Better With You pimp post? Not..."you're nuts, that show sucks" or "OK, I'll download and try it!" Nothing? At all?

I'm worried about Val. Earlier this year, she developed this weird lump on her side. The vet said it was nothing, just something that happens sometimes. It's benign and no big deal. He said if she ever went under anesthetic again, to tell them to remove it, but otherwise not to worry.

WELL. I just noticed another one has popped up, on the same side, but closer to her back legs. They may be nothing, but for two to have grown in the last six months, they're SOMETHING. I hate that this is happening. I don't want anything bad to happen to my baby girl! *frets*

American Airlines is doing some special deal this month where you can transfer unused frequent flyer miles to other people and earn bonus miles for yourself. So, I think all y'all should transfer your extra miles to me. *grin*

Today I had a fabulous lunch with a pal. We just sat and gabbed for almost two hours. We were in this ratty old diner that I just love, even though it's one big room and they only pretend there's a non-smoking section. We had HUGE coconut cream pies that were baked into soup bowls. It was awesome.

Tomorrow? I get to see mandyremains, radioactivclown and Jasper! I know we'll have lunch at Local Diner and then we'll see where the day takes us. Woot!

Let's do countdowns:

10 days to wincon
26 days to my birthday
27 days to Halloween
51 days to Thanksgiving
81 days to Christmas

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