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is the beginning the best place to start?

  • Does anyone have a Glee music download comm that they really like? I had a great one but recently the mod has disappeared and posters slowly are disappearing too and...they have to be going somewhere else, right?

  • Yesterday I had an awesome visit with mandyremains and radioactivclown, which included: puppy love, huge diamonds, queso, a cherry limeaide, harlequin masks, and tons of catching up. Good times.

  • Last night I ate a candy bar while watching The Biggest Loser and was overcome by weird guilt. Guess that fantasy of losing 20 pounds before wincon will not be coming true.

  • Yesterday I ran by my fave thrift store and bought a teeny, tiny plate (smaller than my palm) that is especially designed to hold your used tea bag. I kind of love it. Also? A 50 cent lampshade.

  • I miss doing yoga. Taking classes is not in the cards for me right now. I wonder if I could find a decent DVD at the library? Anyone have a favorite?

  • I am SO PROUD of fandom (and so grateful too!) that volunteers signed up for all the wincon registration table spots. WOOT. But, the Roadhouse still needs volunteers too, so...please consider signing up.

  • I'm pretty sure Angry Birds is giving me carpal tunnel. I have put myself on a one-week restriction from it. *grumble*

  • Today I am going to get my fingerprinting done so that I can be a substitute teacher. Good gravy, getting set up is SUCH a process! I could open a credit card account, vote, change my name...all easier than this. I understand why, but still. Crazycakes!

  • wook77 made a post I think everyone should read: With the recent spate of suicides, I'm fairly enraged and depressed and disheartened. It's nice seeing the Spirit Day Remembrance on October 20th. My question is - what are we going to do on October 19? What about October 21? What about January 3?

  • I read a really interesting book called The Line by Teri Hall. It is the first of a trilogy (a trend in YA books that I really wish would die a quicker-than-quick death) and reminds me a bit of a cross between The Village (which I have not actually seen, I just read the wiki summary) and The Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld (specifically, "The Smoke Lives!")

    It was good and interesting. I wish the next one came out sooner than next year! (Do you realize there only are about 85 days even LEFT in 2010? INSANITY.)

  • For Christmas, I want to give my dad a print of "View of Old South Church" by Nicholas Nixon, which is a photo he and I saw (and loved) when we recently went to the art museum. But, a google search is giving me NOTHING. Any suggestions for a place to purchase?

  • The end!
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