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Yesterday a buddy and I had lunch at the Love Shack, which is Tim Love's hamburger joint. I fell in love with Love (hello pop song lyrics!) when he was on Top Chef Masters and was excited to check out his place. Eh, it was ok. It was decorated super cute and the fries were good. Clearly the masses were more impressed though, as the line literally was out the door and into the parking lot.

The whole thing is open air, with like, missing parts of the walls and a room with one entire wall missing, AND a patio as well. Nice in concept, but people in Texas DO NOT EAT OUTSIDE. For one thing, you'd spontaneously combust 50 weeks out of the year. For another, there are bugs. And for ANOTHER, the restaurant is in a development that still is under construction so there was lots of dust. Weird choice for a design, I'm tellin ya!

Then, that afternoon I met up with another pal for hanging out and ice cream. We sat on her couch FOREVER and just chatted. It was amazing. She told me I had to leave because her cheeks hurt too much from laughing. That's pretty much the perfect evening, in my book!

This morning I watched SPN (can every episode from now on open with that Sam montage?) and now I MUST go to the grocery store. I have approximately ten meals left between now and Wincon and not enough food left to make them. (Keep in mind that I am famous for other people thinking there is no food here on a normal day. So when even *I* say the fridge is bare, it's an emergency situation!)

I have a To Do List this weekend that is a mile long. But first! I'm going to read one Big Bang for motivation. Then? Off to start the day!

Later gators.
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