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I have come all this way to be close, to be here with you

Apparently last night I slept with a mosquito who snacked on my FACE, including a nice bite on my EYELID. What is that all about, I would like to ask???

Here are some completely random pictures of completely random things that I like. (These actually are ME-things, not google-image things. Just FYI.)

The tiny plate I bought at the thrift store last week. It says something or another on the back about being for tea bags. I kind of randomly love it.

This is a beautiful amethyst necklace that my mom found in a drawer (!) and gave to me. (I think maybe it was my grandmother's.) It has a matching bracelet and these super cool earrings that have a removable chandelier, so they can either be one drop or like, a whole waterfall.

I just think it's beyond gorgeous.

The other day, I was talking about exploring this housing development where I'm living and how I came up on this cul-de-sac that just...opened up into all this undeveloped land. It's so beautiful and these pictures are crap. But I promise! It really IS so cool to see.

This is the house where I'm living right now.

And then, about half a mile away. You find this:

I turned a half circle away from that view and see? Suburbia.

That field, by the way, is also not where I've talked before about seeing the longhorns and the horses in the morning-time. That's on the whole OTHER side of the development. Crazy.
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