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This morning I found myself watching a show about the making of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (I blame rhythmsextion, as you do) and decided I'd ask you guys for some movie renting suggestions.

What is your mental junk food? What do you most love to pop into the DVD player, wrap up in a snuggly blanket, sprawl on the couch and just...relax to? I'm not looking for Art or Serious Cinema here. I want something fun that requires no thinking at all.

Suggestions? (ETA: I mean movie suggestions, not TV. I already have lots of junkie TV to watch!)

I have my wincon swag buttons sitting on my bathroom counter top and was looking at them last night while brushing my teeth. I realized for THE VERY FIRST TIME that the logo is the fangirl YAY sign. I thought it just was a stylized "W"! Wow. *facepalm* (Also, ignited? Brilliant!)

This probably is common knowledge, but I didn't know that Mark Twain had embargoed his autobiography for 100 years. He said doing so would allow him to speak his mind. I am intrigued! The first of the three volumes will officially be released November 15. That's cool, right? NEAT.
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