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if I wake up tomorrow will you still be here?

I have had a randomly fabulous day!

First, I went to a new dermatologist. This was not a great time -- I hate new dermos, they always want to ~~try things -- but in the end, he did renew my scripts, so...win!

Then, I had an AMAZING veggie burger at The Purple Cow (behind me, two kids were complaining at each other about who ruined the picture they were coloring, when I turned around? It was two adults. I was amused), and then I wandered all over every aisle of Central Market where I spent way too much money on honey almond butter, weird tea, interesting candy, and honeycrisp apples. Such an indulgence.

Driving home, my mind wandered to an old LJ entry of mine I re-read yesterday where I suggested that the season where Dean went to hell would end with Sam jumping into the Hellmouth with a rope tied to his belt, a la Buffy. THEN, I thought about how many people already made The Impala is a Yellow Crayon analogies from last season's ender. And so THEN, I was thinking about the season where Buffy jumped off the platform ("death is your gift" or whatever the phrase was) and how the series was meant to end there but then was renewed (*coughcoughcough*), and when her friends brought her back from the dead, they found out her soul actually had been in heaven.

WHAT IF! Do you think? It's about the only way this storyline is redeemable to me, at this point, I am sorry to say. But still. My mental wanderings enjoyed the path.

ALSO. At wincon I had these pictures of shirtless Jared that I printed off and was passing out at prom. The next day, someone gave me one back and I stuck it in my pocket. When I got home and was trying to dig out money to pay for parking, I just dumped my pockets into the center console, and there shirtless-Jared has been ever since. If sometimes I gaze longingly at him while stopped at lights, that is no one's business but my own.

The other day, my mom caught sight of it, and this happened:

Mom: Who is THAT?
Me: Mom, you know. That's my TV boyfriend.
Mom: Now HE can hang out with the family pictures!

**Background: In my old house I had two framed and autographed pictures of Jared Padalecki hanging in my kitchen. When I moved, I no longer had a place to put them, so they're currently in the stairwell with all my family pictures. For some reason this really annoys my mom who keeps subtly trying to get me to move "that actor guy" into one of the spare bedrooms upstairs.

It amuses me, ok?

Why are the majority of library job openings in Texas located in Houston? I refuse to move to Houston, it's disgusting.

Let's have a poll!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

What is your Halloween candy of choice?

Marry, shag, kill:

Dean, Castiel, Sam
Dean, Sam, Castiel
Sam, Castiel, Dean
Sam, Dean, Castiel
Castiel, Dean, Sam
Castiel, Sam, Dean

What will Jared and Jensen dress as for Halloween?

I want you to eat cake on Saturday...will you?

Yes, any excuse to celebrate is a good one!
No, I hate birthdays, especially yours.

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