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this is how we do it

Addison called me yesterday and we had this conversation:

Addison: Happy birthday Wendy!
Wendy: Thank you honey!
(My brother in the background: ask her how old she is.)
Addison: How old are you Wendy!
Wendy: I'm 38, how old are you?
Addison: I am three!

It was amazingly adorable. So, so sweet.

Then, this:

Wendy: Baby, what are you going to be for Halloween?
Addison: Tinkerbell!
Wendy: Oh cool. Say Addison, who is Tinkerbell?
Addison: Uhm, Wendy. Duh. It's ME.

Can't fault a toddler's logic!

I am so crushed to not be with Addison and Baby Drew on Halloween. But, it is what it is. I have my tiara on and am about to go to dinner with my parents (Fuddruckers!) and then we're going to pass out candy to kids, which is a family tradition. We look forward to it every year. (Halloween is A Big Deal in my family, shocking, I know.)

Yesterday I had goat cheese quesadillas that MAYBE were the best thing I've ever eaten. Definitely in my top five meals of all times. SO GOOD.

My parents took me to the see the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, which was super fun. Really, any excuse to hang out in the awesome Bass Hall is a good one.

I wore this amazing sheer beaded jacket that I got at Goodwill for four dollars. YES!!

The couple in front of us was dressed in costume. The woman had on this absolutely stunning 20's-era flapper dress, complete with red feather boa. The guy had on a matching pinstriped suit and a fedora. I swooned a little. Mom told them she loved their spirit, which struck me as a pretty awesome compliment.

Periodically the conductor would pause to announce the score from the Rangers game. (Oh Texas!)

I am about to eat my first fun-sized Snicker bar, which I wait all year to mainline. BE MINE YUMMY CANDY.

Y'all have a fun, safe night!
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