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Year 38

As I've mentioned a few times, I decided this year to make my birthday my start point for new goals, rather than January 1. It feels more like a fresh start to me, as well as a significant moment to initiate change. In addition, 38 happens to be my lucky number. So, I have high expectations for these 365 days!

Some of these goals are easy, some are difficult. Some are fun, some are stressful. This is by design. I want to stretch but also feel accomplished. I also tried to cover many different areas in my life that need to be nurtured.

1. Apply to the local Library Board.
2. Be impeccable with my word.
3. Be proud of other people's strengths and successes and stop using them as an excuse to feel bad about my own weaknesses.
4. Be thankful for the relationships I have and for the people that love me. Let go of the ones who don't. Work on developing relationships with the people I love.
5. Celebrate the successes, no matter how big or small.
6. Consciously work on bringing more hope, joy, and love into my own life and the lives of the people I care about.
7. Continue to get thyroid situation under control.
8. Continue to reduce my dairy intake.
9. Cook ten things I've never made before. (No matter how simple or complicated, the only rule here is that I have never before made it myself.)
-Homemade pizza crust
-Pumpkin cheesecake
-Bavarian black bean soup
-Sopapilla cheesecake
-Blackeyed pea casserole
-Biscuits, from scratch
-Blueberry muffins
-Spaghetti lasagna
-Citrus Orange cake
-Lemonade capcakes

10. Drink more water.
11. Every year I say "figure out how to make the heels of my feet look/feel less gross." Clearly drugstore methods aren't working. So, explore some home remedies instead.
12. Find a creative outlet of some kind. Try new things.
13. Find a local dermatologist and a local gynecologist that I like and respect.
14. Find a permanent, full-time job.
15. Give and give and give. (There are many ways to interpret this, and I mean them all.)
16. Go on a date with at least one person that I don't already know.
17. Go through all my nail stuff. Throw away all the old polish, find some new and awesome stuff.
18. Go through my T-shirts (both sleep and casual). Give the ones I don't love to Goodwill.
19. Have courage.
20. Keep looking for rainbows.
21. Keep Max and Val safe and healthy.
22. Leave as many LJ comments and as much LJ feedback as possible.
23. Let it go.
24. Live life out loud. Be fabulous, present, thoughtful, excited, sure.
25. Look for ways to add exercise into my day.
26. Only go to the grocery store once a week. Plan ahead. Make lists and menus.
27. Remember to have adventures!
28. Repeat to self: There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of experimentation.
29. Re-read "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. Allow myself to be inspired.
30. Sam Gathering. (Yup.)
31. Share the things that inspire me.
32. Survive Big Bang 2011. Make it awesome.
33. Take at least one "artistic" photo that I'm really proud of.
34. Visit Addison and Drew for their birthdays.
35. Visit Los Angeles (February) and New Orleans (October).
36. Walk in a 5k before October 30, 2011. (Yes, really.)
37. Wear red on Valentine's Day, green on St, Patrick's Day,and red, white and blue on the Fourth of July.
38. Write fan mail.

"I am responsible for how I feel and what I do. Nobody can make me feel anything. If I have a rotten day, I am the one who allowed it to be that way. If I have a great day, I am the one who deserves credit for being positive. It is not the responsibility of other people to change so that I can feel better. I am the one who is in charge of my life."

Thoughts, input, suggestions, encouragement, skepticism....it's all welcome.

I'm ready, let's DO THIS!
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