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Apologies for the random emo (do we still use that word?) yesterday. Aside from Jared and Jensen's FACES, the best cheer up suggestion I received was to fill the room full of tiny paper airplanes made out of scrap paper and junk mail. I am SO doing that next time I need a lift!

In the meantime, let's have a happy list!

1. While watching House last night (I'm still itchy! *shiver*) I painted my nails red with glitter! It's way too dark and fussy for me, but...red! And glitter!

2. Am reading The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan and enjoying it very much.


4. I have to do some things this morning that I DO NOT WANT TO DO. So, to soften the blow, I am bribing myself with a Starbucks peppermint mocha. If I leave the house and go do my things...then I can have one. Mmmmmm.

5. The empowerment mix I posted yesterday, which I intend to listen to pretty much non-stop today.

6. This post by lazy_daze, which is covered in pics of baby!Jared. *swoon*

7. emerald_embers recorded a podfic of one of my all time fave holiday stories. The podfic is here and the fic is here: Some Wishes Are Worth Waiting For by runedgirl.

8. I got a knitted rainbow HAT in the mail yesterday! It's pretty much amazing and so, so happy-making! It's like ofenjen ALWAYS knows when I need a boost most.

*twirls in a circle*

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