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change the voices in your head, make them like you instead

♥ I posted J2 Fic With Dogs recs today!

♥ I also made yet another pumpkin cheesecake (my FOURTH in November, if you're counting), and caramel crunchy stuff. Success!

♥ Picked up prescriptions, library books, and a big stack of DVDs.

♥ Mainlined the second half of Modern Family season one. SO FREAKING FUNNY.

♥ Prepared my Thankfulness List for tomorrow. Have you thought about yours? I'm gonna ask you in the morning, so...get prepared!

♥ Completed my Christmas shopping list. I still have to venture out and actually BUY stuff, but the list is complete. (30 days until Christmas y'all!)

♥ Successfully downloaded the new software update onto my Nook! SO HAPPY.

♥ Painted my nails metallic Tiffany blue.

♥ Finished reading The Scorch Trials by James Dashner. SO GOOD. I'm going to write him a fan note, it was so good. (Really.)

What did YOU do today?
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