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how many blessings only come in disguise

Oh YOU GUYS! December is going to be an amazing month! Plans include (but are not limited to):

  • A trip to Las Vegas!
  • A visit with annkiri (who is upstairs asleep right this very minute, just her presence makes me happy).
  • A trip to San Antonio.
  • Christmas!
  • Addison fiiiinally being old enough to really GET the concept of Santa Claus. Oh my goodness, she has a LIST! It's amazing.
  • Speaking of amazing, I also bought her the very BEST pair of soft pink footie pajamas, and the feet look like bunny slippers. I love them! (Me: Think she'll at least wear them long enough for a picture? April: Absolutely. If not, we'll just strap her down! Me: Excellent.)
  • Getting to hear Drew talk. He can say all kinds of words now, yet I never have heard his voice. *wibble* SOON.
  • Making plans with why_me_why_not and phaballa to see New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys in concert!
  • Seeing the new town where I'm living's Christmas tree lighting ceremony!
  • Dinner with local fangirls.
  • Finally catching up on Hawaii 5-0.
  • Already making super fun plans for January too!

    That's all happening in a span of 31 days! AMAZING. I barely can contain myself. So many good things!

    What good stuff have YOU got going on in December? Tell me everything!
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