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try a little tenderness

  • Please go by insmallpackages and check out the wish list to see if there are any you can grant. It's multi-fandom, multi-genre, non-fandom, art, fic, mixes, recipes, whatever. Even if you've already perused the list, please give it another go-through. Multiple fills are fine, so don't let that stop you from claiming anything that inspires you! You can claim wishes anytime up until January 5, and fills aren't drop-dead due until January 6. SO! There is plenty of time to make someone else happy. Go have a look-see!

  • There's a love meme! Please go check that out too!

    Hey! You know who *I* love? YOU! *hugs a lot* ♥

    ETA: Via ofenjen...25 Days of Free Holiday Songs!!
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