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your eyes, your eyes make the stars look like they're not shining

Had a super good visit with annkiri. We pretty much shopped for four days and bought ALL THE THINGS and then we ate a lot of amazing food and laughed forever and marathoned a lot of TV and snuggled with the puppes SO MUCH.

Highlights included:

  • Mainlining all the aired episodes of Hawaii 5-0, which I ADORED. Bickering boys are amazingsauce. And I love that the female character both gets to be super kickass AND hot in booty shorts. Also, Daniel Day Kim on a motorcycle (his ass isn't bad either, FYI!) Also, Steve shirtless and wet. HUMINA. And, of course, gorgeous Hawaii. Every shot of a wave made me think of topaz119's yummy surfer AUs. Also, I forced Becca to say "DUN DUN DUN" every time the show cut to commercial. Trust me, it was super amusing.

  • A THREE HOUR Goodwill trip that ended with Becca and I both buying more than ten items each.

  • Jewelry shopping at Sam Moon!

  • My mom opera!stalking annkiri, which she kindly interpreted as "being supportive" and not "oh crap, now I have to deal with TWO of them bugging me all the time!"

  • Super yummy and fun dinner with the Fort Worth fangirl contingent at the always awesome Spiral Diner. Everyone was in a great mood and a good time was had by all.

  • Making plans for the LA con in February and maybe a visit in Tulsa (!!) in March.

  • Successfully transporting a ladder. (Don't ask!)

  • Ocean's 11 drinking game. *moan*

  • Playing my favorite fangirl game: "Do you remember that fic where...?"

  • Not falling asleep during Under the Red Hood. (Curse you Amazon $3.99 sale! *shakes fist*)

    And now, I have spent all day today cleaning house, doing laundry and packing, because I am leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas. Should be a super good time! For various reasons, I have decided to not take my laptop and so, will be completely computerless. It feels weird and, I don't know, pre-stressful! But the break will do me good, I think. (I can still get email and twitter on my phone but that so, soooo doesn't count, ok?)

    The other thing I have spent all day doing is BEING SICK. Unacceptable. I've been fighting it for days (and telling myself it was the alcohol, too much food, allergies, etc.), but today it finally got really bad. Awesome. I love flying while sick. SIGH.

    Whoops, last load of laundry is done. Off I go!

    P.S. dugindeep is MEAN. Just thought you should know.
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