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2010 in review...one sentence at a time

January: Hiya guys! I wanted to write something really profound here, but I have a house full of people and I'm very tired and a little overwhelmed, honestly. 2010! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

February: Flist, I have some (more) links to share with you.

March: Today is Jensen's 32 birthday! I remember 32, it was a good year. Hope it is for Jensen too!

April: While we were at the hotel, I was reading this book called The Book of Answers, which basically is library reference question trivia. Every morning while we were getting dressed, I'd read annkiri random facts from the book, which she loved. (By which, I mean *I* loved it and she didn't punch me in the face about it.)

May: I just got a google alert that says: Jared Padalecki kissing and sexing and wearing as little clothing as possible. BEST GOOGLE ALERT EVER!

June: “Accepting oneself does not preclude an attempt to become better.”
--Flannery O'Connor

July: I just read an entire Big Bang! ME! A Big Bang! It is really very exciting! *is pleased*

August: I have moved! It's been a long few days. The movers were six and a half hours late (that is not a typo) but worked their butts off once they did arrive. Now I'm deep into unpacking. Yesterday I briefly considered leaving everything in boxes and just buying new, but Dad pointed out that I shouldn't have moved it all then. SIGH. Logic. And finances. The enemies of sloth.

September: "They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."
--Andy Warhol

October: It is October! FINALLY.

November: Well, I've been in absolute denial about this for months, but now it's actually happening so I guess I have to face it. I'm going in tomorrow to have an "enhancement" done on my right eye. (Isn't it CUTE that that's what it's called?) I'm measuring 20/50 in that eye and having trouble focusing on things. The surgeon thinks he can make it better, so...we'll see.

December: Oh YOU GUYS! December is going to be an amazing month!

What do you think?
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