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ARGH. Was in a pretty good mood but then I just had a fight with my mom over DVD players of all things! Grrr. Both my mom and my brother recently got blahblahblahs that let them stream Netflix movies directly onto their TVs. I have expressed some interest in this too, as it's really cool. Direct TV (haaaaate), of course, doesn't offer this, but I've seen some devices online that you can buy independently that do. Well, my brother told my mom (why they were discussing this, I DO NOT KNOW) that what I really need is a Bluray player, which I DO NOT WANT. And ARGH ARGH ARGH. This is what I am going to end up with, I just know it and ARGH. *shakes fist* Whhhhhy. WHY. ARGH.


On the other hand! Mom got some excellent news from her doctor today that basically translated to (and I'm quite serious): "Stop worrying, you aren't dying yet." So, that is a positive (really.)

I also went to the eye doctor and he measured my right eye at 20/20 and my left at 20/15. He said both eyes are completely clear and healing nicely. Very good news!

I don't even know what else! Other stuff! I'm still stupidly mad about this stupid DVD player situation! *stomps around some more*

How about that Dexter season finale? Is it weird that I was disappointed we didn't get more information concerning WHY? It is, isn't it? Hurm. Still. So creepy good. I swear this season has given me a stomach ulcer, it's so tense!

Why is it so cold? WHY.

OK, now I am going to go make dinner and then I am going to open this stack of Christmas cards sitting on my desk and THEN I am going to read fic until I feel better. Have you read anything super happy-making lately? Tell me!

*blows kisses*
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