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I just wanna live while I'm alive

I have had a great day so far! First, I got my oil changed. Doesn't sound exciting, right? BUT IT WAS. First, there was no wait, and then, they finished in about ten minutes. And the two guys working on my car were amazing -- one was an older grandfatherly-type and the other was young and adorable, with a tongue ring. They both were wonderful and fun. And, yes again, ADORABLE.

Then, I went to Target and pretty much bought out the entire store shopping for Addison and Baby Drew. Seriously, I bought ALL OF THE THINGS. Super fun!

While there, I randomly ran into a chick I know from library school and it was awesome to see her.

Yesterday a local branch library asked me to come in and fill out an application for some possible temp work. The director acted kind of shady once I was there, I'm not honestly actually sure there IS a job, perhaps he'd already filled it by the time I got there? I dunno, but we'll see! It's the largest branch in the system and would be a fun place to work, so I remain hopeful anyway.

Then, my parents took me to a spontaneous dinner to celebrate! YAY!

Good times, all the way around.
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