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fandom is my fandom

Yesterday I posted the last of my eight (!!) insmallpackages fills. I had so much fun with all that!!

If you're interested in playing, go here to see a list of things being wished for. Anyone can claim a wish, even if this is the very first time you've ever clicked on the community. And single wishes can have multiple fills, so don't let that stop you if something really grabs your eye!

And once you've completed the fill (and did you claim something but not yet post it? POST IT!! I want to seeeeeee), you go here to give it to the recipient.

That post also is SUPER FUN because whether you filled a wish or not, you can scroll through comments and find lots of amazing things to snag for yourself! (What?!?!)

It's a multi-fandom (including no fandom at all) fest and there are a zillion cool things. Icons, headers, fic (in so many fandoms!), recipes, drawings, recs, music....pretty much everything.

It's super fun and so fulfilling -- go check those two posts out!

I also want to note that though I originally asked begged demanded volunteered to help run the community, I've ended up doing exactly zero from a modding standpoint. All that glory goes to drvsilla, grayscaled and maichan, who have worked their tails off to make this all a success for you guys. The coding and cross referencing and hand holding and I DON'T EVEN KNOW is awe inspiring. They deserve a huge THANK YOU for making this happen and the next time your path crosses theirs, I hope you'll give it to them.

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