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Like all of fandom, I'm a-flail at the announcement (or whatever it was) that Delicious is closing. I've never used Delicious as an archive tool or even a social tool. But, I did use my account as a personal To Be Read list. When I found a fic I wanted to read, but couldn't at that exact second, I'd bookmark it. Once I read the fic, I'd delete the bookmark. Y'all, I read a lot of fic and this system worked wonderfully for managing it.

I currently have about 25 fics tagged in Delicious. They're all very long, which is why they haven't been read yet. (Most are around 50K, though a few are 20k or 30k too).

I've decided to make it a personal goal to clear those bookmarks by January 1, or when Delicious closes, whatever happens first. For me, that means reading and commenting on all of those fics. One of which I've had bookmarked for more than two years. *shameface* I CAN DO THIS! And I think it'll be fun to try!

Not sure what I'll use as a replacement, though like everyone else, Diigo looks the best at the moment. (There's a toolbar! *swoon*) Being able to start tagging again from scratch would help my personal transition a lot.

I got a PM this morning suggesting I save/move/whatever the salt_burn_porn archive at Delicious. That's not something we ever made to begin with so...HA! For once, laziness pays off. But I will try and do tags or something for the community after the holidays so it's searchable that way, at least.

WOW. That was a lot of blathering about a service I only use tangentially!

In other news, I am having lunch today with mkay9 and then I am going to come home and make a huge pot of chili to eat tomorrow and the next few days. I just have a craving! Then, I have GOT to wrap Christmas presents. I never did this the other day when I said I would and now I am running out of tiiiiime!

When we were in Las Vegas, we ate at this awesome diner called Blueberry Hill. I have regretted not buying a t-shirt ever since. Yesterday I looked up the Web site and was BEREFT to find that they don't sell merchandise online. OH REGRET. Sigh. But I waaaant one!

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